Happy Party

March the 20th is The United Nations' International day of Happiness. Its goal is to recognize happiness as a basic human right, and to encourage people to demonstrate and celebrate happiness around the world.

In 2015, the UN Foundation, Pharrell and Google invited the world to a global GIF party. Visit the party, take 4 pictures using your device’s camera, see them become an animated GIF, and join thousands of people dancing in sync to Pharrell’s song Happy

Over 50'000 people from 162 countries joined in, and signed a petition to fight climate change.

Lovie Awards – Best Use of Photography (2015)


Creative agency:
Google Creative Lab London

Xavier Barrade (lead)
João Wilbert
Hana Tanimura

Hana Tanimura
Adeline O'Moreau

Olaya de Marcos

The Rumpus Room